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the story so far

On a warm spring afternoon way back in 2007, I asked my good friend Greg Baldwin what he thought about starting a website together. Blogs were all the rage and seemed like a great venue to team up and exercise the Vulcan Mind-Meld of style & substance we shared from our years at Insomniac Games. As we talked through possibilities, our ideas starting clicking. So without much of a plan, we jumped in.

After kicking around a few names, we landed on CreatureBox and began posting like madmen. Before we knew it, we had enough content to print sketchbooks and hardcovers in addition to meeting some amazing creators throughout the industry. All told, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Disney, Lego, Marvel (and many others) while wrapping up 10 publications. And we still have a soft spot for blogs.

dave guertin creaturebox books

adventures in creature design

the monster volume

The Monster Volume populous includes 201 creatures, 254 crazed robots, 68 marooned spacemen and 1 lost unicorn.

galactic explorations in pen & ink

the shred collection

looking for more?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Hit the button below to check out our latest books. We even have digital formats to save a few trees. Your mom will be proud, we promise!

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