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ratchet and clank

Shortly after I joined Insomniac Games in 2000, the studio launched a new project for the PS2. We worked to develop a mascot title from the ground up and before we knew it, an orphan alien and his robotic companion became Ratchet & Clank. In the 21 years that followed, I had the privilege to serve as a Character Designer, Director of Character Art, and Principal Concept Artist while helping guide the overall visual direction of the franchise.

packfronts & posters


Alongside concept duties, I was responsible for pitching and illustrating the vast majority of marketing materials for the dynamic duo. Sometimes the contest for shelf attention was the fiercest boss battle of them all.

that's not all folks

When not exploring the Solana Galaxy, I spent many years developing new properties at Insomniac for consoles, AR and VR formats. My primary focus revolved around world building while digging for that engaging balance of believable fantasy.